onsdag 19 augusti 2009

All pornografi är homoerotisk

Läste om en kristen movieguide i ViD som genom att lobba för kristna filmer bidragit till att andelen Hollywoodfilmer med positiv attityd till kristendomen ändrats radikalt sedan de började.

Då jag kollade runt på deras hemsida hittade jag denna artikel som jag finner synnerligen läsvärd! Artikeln inleds med vad en ung officer berättat för sina män efter ett möte med Dr Reisman:
Pornography Is Homoeroticism in Practice

"I reported what Dr. Reisman showed me to my buddies. Pornography is "homo" sex - that is it's sex made by men to arouse men and boys. Pornography causes boys to have sex with themselves, psychopharmacologically conditioning them early to male sexual touch.
Pornography claims our sisters, daughters, even our moms are non-human animals. Although human women, unlike dogs or monkeys, never go into "heat" ("estrus"), women and girls are posed by pornographers soliciting sex from everyone, everywhere, eye pupils dilated, intimate body parts and lips reddened, often bent over, rump up, to imitate primate females in "heat." Normal boys are unconsciously made anxious, angry, ashamed, fearful of these airbrushed, naked women "in rut/heat." Everywhere they wink, open their mouths, sigh, moan for penetration. Smiling paper and celluloid dolls promise everything and deliver nothing more than a man or boy can do for himself-thanks to the men who provide the sex images."

"The females in our lives, now and later, too often end up paying for the pornographically based frustration, rage and betrayal boys and men feel toward them. Pornographic images repeatedly show consumers that women love oral and anal sodomy - the only form of homosexual penetration. Males learn that "real" women seek to sexually please males by engaging in what are known historically and cross culturally as deviant homosexual practices."

"Pornography is "heterophobic," as it stimulates fear, disrespect, and not infrequently, hatred of the opposite sex. Real man-woman-sex, requires intimacy, love, monogamy, fidelity, privacy, yes, in marriage, an opening for children and growing old together with her mate. Hetero-woman-based sex is generative, it is "heterophilic."

[The young officer went on:] "You finally get past hunting for a "paint by numbers" woman and fall in love. She trusts you and thinks you want her only, and forever. Your wife wants affection, hugs and kisses. She wants to see your face, your eyes-the window to your soul - when you are intimate but soon you are asking her to do the things you saw in pornography, to try one kind of sodomy then the other--to watch pornography "together," to do things "real women" in pornography do. You are asking her to have sex like a gay guy would! We get angry at our wives for sensing how degraded they are as homoerotic stand-ins. We are angry our wives don't look and act like the paper dolls we've used and controlled."

"Our wives don't know what is wrong. Neither do we. The seeds of destruction were sown so long ago that answers today are hard to find. Sometimes we go to church or read so-called religious sex or marriage aid books that say breathe life into a marriage with sodomy, "variety," or "erotic stories and sexy pictures" (pornography). We do, and gradually separate more from one another. So our wives, to save our marriages, try to please us. But pornography sets up a no-win situation for all. The more women do sexy weird things the less respect and intimacy we feel. And if women don't do the sexy weird things we blame and resent them. (Of course, just as some men use pornography to seduce young girls, homosexuals similarly use "girlie" magazines to seduce boys.) Seeking what is really homoerotic "excitement" we often ‘fall out' of love, more easily divorce and abandon our wives, even our children. (Remember, reproduction isn't possible in sodomy). I think Dr. Reisman had it right."

Until Kinsey and Hefner (his "pamphleteer" post 1953), western men and their sex laws largely looked to women for guidance of the sexual life. Following the Kinsey-Hefner homoerotic libels of the Greatest Generation, men began replacing the civilizing force of womanly intimacy with the homoerotic pornography model of the sexual revolution. Instead of the stronger more satisfying sexuality and marriages promised by liberal sexperts, dysfunction, divorce and sex crime is rampant. He said, "Bottom line: Playboys aren't men. It takes a real man to be a husband and a father and to make a woman - his wife - beloved for a lifetime." When the young officer finished talking, his buddies silently considered the unforeseen consequences of their naiveté. By morning the base dumpster was filled with Playboy, Penthouse and other pornography. End of true story!

Andra halvan av artikeln går igenom en lista av 50 sociosexuella kulturella variabler och jämför pornografins preferenser med gaykulturens och den kristna kulturens preferenser. Kontentan är glasklar...

Allt gott!

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minutz3 sa...

Läs "HOMOSEXUALITY: LEGITIMATE ALTERNATE DEATHSTYLE " från 1986(!) där den moraliske mannen ifråga ryggar tillbaka när man talar om dessa handlingar... Man tar också upp hur ohygieniskt det är.

Tobias H sa...

Ytterst långsökt enligt min mening.

Dessutom var det ny kunskap för mig att, enligt den länkande artikeln åtminstone, kristendomen föreskriver en viss kroppsställning för äkta makars samlag.

Pornografi är omoralisk, men knappast p.g.a. det som tas upp i denna artikel.

Tuve sa...


Det är sant att Kyrkan inte lägger sig i val av kroppställning.

Jag tyckte också det var långsökt först. Men efter att ha funderat på saken ett tag så kom jag fram till att det nog ligger mer i det än vad man först tänker på.

Sedan är ju den där listan extremt svartvit och i vissa frågor är det långtifrån så enkelt som listan låter påskina...

Men det är postat mer som "food for thought" än som något slags absolut facit eller sanning...

Allt gott!