torsdag 9 september 2010


Innan jag imorgon påbörjar min livsåskådningsdialog, så kommer först lite roligheter... :-)

HINDUISM This shit happened before.
HARE KRSNA Shit happens; rama, rama ding dong!
BUDDHISM Shit happens, but is it really shit?
ZENBUDDHISM What is the sound of shit happening?
TAOISM Shit happens again and again and again...

JUDAISM Why does shit always happen to us?
CATHOLICISM Shit happens, when you deserve it?
ISLAM If shit happens, take a hostage and blame Israel!

MORMONISM It happens that our shit is the ONE TRUE shit!
JEHOVAS WITNESS Knock, knock, “shit happens soon”!
7TH DAY ADVENTISM No shit shall happen on Saturday!

ULF EKMANIANISM “Shitalhlabahayhaphens”
T.V.-EVANGELISM Send more shit, and then it will happen!
FUNDAMENTALISM Shit happens when "born again" and rewashed, cause it's all in the Bible!

ATHEISM I can't believe that this shit happens!
AGNOSTIC What is this shit happening?
EXISTENSIALISM Shit doesn't happen; shit IS.
CARTESIANISM It happens that I realised; "I shit, therefore I am".
NIHILISM Shit! It happened again!
EGOISM Who gives a shit, when it doesn't happen to me!

DARWINISM As it happens; this shit was once food.
MURPHYS LAW Shit always happens at the worst conceivable way!
SATANISM SNEPPAH TIHS (or "we will make it happen that you shit your pants")

FEMINISM It happens that; Men are shit!
DADISM Your mom knows her shit.
MOMISM You'll eat this shit and it WILL happen that you like it!

RASTAFARIANISM Let’s smoke this shit and see what happens…

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